About Us

Growing Responsibly

At High Maintenance Services, we focus on growing our business responsibly. Our customers needs become our needs, and we always want to ensure we are providing a consistent level of service you can come to rely on.

We never bite off more than we can chew, and we treat every customer, big or small, like family. Whether you’re a 2 person startup company or a government municipality, you’ll receive the best level of service at all time.

Why work with us?

It sounds cliche, but we put our customers first. Instead of worrying about money, we focus on our ability to provide a solution. Opportunities may come our way that are not profitable, but still may be worth doing. We analyze each situation individually to do our best work.

We value our work and always aim to provide solutions in the most intuitive way. We analyze the weaknesses of our customers so that we can provide the best solution possible, even if it means making an investment on our end.

SERVICES MANAGED!    We’re here to help.